Wonderful ways to make your apartment smell like Christmas

Wonderful ways to make your apartment smell like Christmas

Posted on Thursday, December 9, 2021

At The Apartment Company, we often talk about how the senses play such a vital part when finding and creating a home. And this season is all about aromas, from freshly cut Christmas trees to mulled wine and an abundance of cinnamon, even just walking around our city there is not just the sense of Christmas but also the smells. Why should your home miss out on this magical sense this season? Which is why we have put together some wonderful ways to make your apartment smell like Christmas.

Fresh greenery

There is nothing like the scent of a Christmas tree to fill a room with wishes and memories, but this isn’t the only greenery that you can add to your apartment. Fresh wreaths and garlands not only add beauty to your home but they bring their own amazing aromas, too. Why not do something extra special this year, and have a go at making your own? If not, see if you can join a workshop or a group and you can make some new friends along the way too.

Pomander balls

Do you remember making these as kids? Pomander balls made from an orange with some cloves are a wonderful, fragrance-filled decoration to spice up your apartment. This historic adornment was said to act as a charm against witchcraft, therefore could dispel any bad spirits, so don’t worry – they won’t disrupt your gin collection! They are so easy to make: grab a firm orange, poke holes around the orange with a toothpick (you choose your design), and then push a clove into each hole. Place them in a bowl, add some greenery and there you have it.

The scent of Christmas

Although we are not huge fans of artificial scents, we can’t deny that some of this season’s scented candles or diffusers do encapsulate everything you image a Christmas aroma to be. Candles are also a lovely way to add atmosphere to your apartment too, especially on a cold and dark winter’s night when you want to feel all cosy inside.

Time for a festive tipple

Are there drinks that you only really break open at this time of year? You may put a splash of Baileys in your hot chocolate, or you have your own special mulled wine recipe that you love to create. What about even trying some mulled apple cider for your guests to try? Festive tipples are a simple and delicious way of filling your apartment with irresistible scents that will have your neighbours envious.

And …Bake

If you can’t bake at Christmas then when can you bake? Sorry Paul Hollywood, this season isn’t all about the flavours but also the scrumptious smells, too. Christmas puddings with their boozy fragrance, gingerbread men, Christmas cake, mince pies … Yes, we are hungry too now. Don’t just buy, but bake – let your apartment be filled with festive scents, and you have some tasty treats to offer your guests as well.

Essential oils

Another natural decoration you can add to your home is pine cones. You can still find some of them adorning the floor of our countryside when you go for a walk. Place them in a bowl or a vase and add a few drops of essential oils. The advantage of using pine cones is that, unlike candles, they are safe to use whether you are at home or not and provide a continuous festive enhancing aroma.

Welcome home

Now your home can truly be a sensation for the senses by making your apartment smell like Christmas. What a wonderful way to be welcomed home at this time of year.



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