Why we always want our tenants to feel at home

Why we always want our tenants to feel at home

Posted on Monday, November 22, 2021

Over the years we have strived to ensure that the experience our tenants have is a positive one. We’re not too proud to say that we haven’t always got it right, but the lessons we have learned along the way we feel have established us as a letting agent who actually cares.  Working closely with our landlords, we know the importance of providing you with a high-quality, well-maintained property, one where you always feel at home.

There is a huge difference between providing you with a ‘home’ and a ‘rental property’. When we changed the wording used amongst our team, we found that our mindset changed.  Not only that, we kept finding opportunities to enhance the service we provided, making our connections with our tenants warmer and stronger.

We also found that our tenants felt more relaxed, which had a positive impact on their health and wellbeing.  This isn’t surprising. There are, sadly, many negative connotations around the lettings industry and we, as letting agents, are often tarred with the same brush.  Breaking this cycle of negativity is a constant battle, but our lettings team show every day that the way we do things is reflecting positively in the Bath lettings market.

It was also great to see that we are not alone in our thinking. We came across a study funded by the Medical Research Council and the Economics and Social Research Council, which found that the ability to ‘feel at home’ is important to someone’s health and wellbeing. Research Fellow in Housing Studies at the University of Stirling, Dr Steve Rolfe said:“Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a difference. Tenants told us how important it was to have a named member of staff to contact, who actually knew them and understood their circumstances. Where housing organisations can provide this personal connection for tenants, it helps them to settle quickly into their new tenancy, feel at home and, therefore, have better health and wellbeing outcomes. And that also means the rent keeps coming in for the organisation.”

At The Apartment Company we are particular about the landlords we work with. This is because we want to ensure that the apartment you rent from us will provide you with a stress-free home.  No one wants to move into a property to find that they are burdened with endless problems that prove difficult to resolve.  We can’t guarantee that there won’t be an issue or two along the line, as things do happen, but what we can do is reassure you that, if they do, the issue will be resolved quickly and professionally.

The benefit to our landlords is that when tenants feel appreciated and at home, they tend to care for the property more, and they are happy to pay their rent on time, every time.  Tenants are also more likely to want to stay longer, meaning that landlords have to worry less about void periods. What more can a landlord ask for?

The benefits of ‘feeling at home’ can’t be ignored.  It has improved our service, provided you as tenants with a positive experience, and given our landlords more security.  Does your letting agent have the same outlook when it comes to the lettings market?



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