Why selling your home is more about lifestyle than bricks and mortar

Why selling your home is more about lifestyle than bricks and mortar

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2022

When you walk down a street in Bath you will have no doubt looked at the wealth of properties that surround you.  From riverside contemporary apartments to city centre abodes, each is different in design and style – but they also offer a completely different lifestyle.  Buying a home is about more than what it offers you in space and high-quality finishes, you may wish to be close to bars or cafes, or access to green space could be a priority for you.  Selling your home is more about lifestyle than bricks and mortar.

We tell the story

Buyers will of course want to know all the dimensions, but to really grab their attention we like to paint the story of your apartment.  Every home has a story to tell – maybe yours has a fascinating historic past, or you have had a reason to make changes. It can be as simple as knowing and understanding what you love most about living there.  When an apartment comes onto the market, it is far more interesting for buyers to get to know the property through a story than through facts and figures.

Holistic approach

More than ever before we are thinking about how we live as much as we are about location and size.  This is a trend that we are continuing to see as one of the most important factors for buyers today, who take more of a holistic approach to finding their next home.  They want to know how your apartment will enhance their lifestyle, about new opportunities, and also accessibility.  At The Apartment Company we are seeing greater numbers of buyers who wish to walk and cycle to work rather than drive; they are more environmentally minded and therefore are willing to make compromises to find an apartment that gives them the lifestyle they seek.

Set apart with nuances

What sets one apartment apart from another can be the tiniest of details.  The value of nuances can’t be underestimated – those little quirks of the street or neighbourhood that only a local estate agent can know, and those little tidbits of knowledge about your apartment. As specialists in the Bath apartment market we have picked up a wealth of knowledge over the years.  As much as your home’s nuances can set it apart from the competition, so too does our understanding of how to sell an apartment in Bath.

Curate the life

Lifestyle isn’t just what your apartment can offer externally but also internally. When viewing a property, buyers need to be able to imagine the life they can have there, not just the apartment they will live in.  Curating a buyer’s lifestyle is such an essential element of preparing your home for sale, and this begins with how it is staged.  We can’t stress enough the importance of home staging when selling your property; we know that when you take the time to properly present your home, buyers are more eager to view, sales happen quicker and the price can be negotiated higher.

Blend don’t clash

We all have our own personal taste and decor choices, but regardless of how you decide to sell your home, you need to ensure that your property is ready for buyers.  This may mean redecorating spaces to more neutral tones that blend and don’t clash with the architectural style of your apartment.  You are not seeking to create a soulless environment free from all accessories and personal touches, it’s about finding a balance so that when buyers walk through the door they are hit with the feeling of ‘home’.

More than passion

When it comes to selling apartments in Bath we believe we have more than just a passion for what we do.  We have a commitment to giving all sellers and buyers an exceptional experience. We are determined to get you the best price for your property, and our expertise can place you and your property in the best position to get you moving.  We seek the right buyer for your home, one who will treasure it as much as you have; that way, you can move knowing that it’s safe hands.

Lifestyle sells

Bath offers buyers so many possibilities in terms of lifestyle, and your apartment may be able to meet the needs of a wide variety of people.  At The Apartment Company we know the benefits of selling your home’s lifestyle, why not have a chat with us and see for yourself?  Give our sales team a call on 01225 471144. 



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