Why Bath is one of the best locations for a staycation

Why Bath is one of the best locations for a staycation

Posted on Tuesday, March 23, 2021

As we watch the days being ticked off the calendar, we’re starting to get excited about the things that are potentially returning to our lives.  Who would have thought that meeting some friends in a pub would feel like you’ve won the lottery? Speaking to friends and family, it is clear that there is still some apprehension about what to do with regards to a holiday, but we want to remind you that, even though you’ve been tied to the city for a year, we still believe it is one of the best locations for a staycation.

You can’t help but fall in love

We are not the only ones who believe Bath is one of the best destinations for a post-lockdown staycation.  According to Big 7 Travel, who complied the rankings, our vibrant city has been listed in their top 10. They write, “It’s affectionately coined as one of the most beautiful cities in England, and it isn’t hard to see why. Loads of Georgian architecture, top-notch museums, world-class thermal spas and a rich Roman history... the city has been wowing for more than 2,000 years.”

Rediscover what was lost

In many ways, this last year has felt surreal. You watch all those disaster movies and see the wide-eyed wonder as the actors step out into a new world once the catastrophe has ended.  In many ways, we too will be taking to our streets with new eyes, stores may have changed, and new businesses will be blossoming.

Instead of racing off to pastures new, why not take some time to rediscover what is outside your front door? Let your tastebuds be excited by the extensive cuisines on offer, try a new treatment at your favourite salon, sit in a café and have a coffee with a friend, and meet several to hear a band when the time allows. What we once perhaps didn’t appreciate as much as we should, we will now cherish that little bit more.

Support local

As many local big names announce dates for summer live events, such as The Bath Festival and Valley Fest 2021, we are excited to see what else will spring up.  Remember when our streets were alive and vibrant? We have no doubt that when restrictions are finally lifted, there will be a sea of live events for us all to enjoy.  Regardless of the size, one thing you can be assured of in Bath is that every performance will be of a high standard. We can’t wait to see what explodes from the creativity of our local artists.

Become a tourist

When you live somewhere, you often don’t take advantage of what it offers. You probably know every pathway and plant in the park, every trail from the city, but when was the last time to took advantage of all those attractions that pull visitors from across the world?  Why not go from a pamper and a swim on the roof of Thermae Bath Spa, to indulge in a cream tea at the Regency Tea Rooms, or go and tour the Roman Baths rather than just passing by. Experiencing the city through the eyes of a tourist may remind you why it’s considered 'one of those cities you just can’t help but fall in love with'.

What do you love

At The Apartment Company, we would love to know what you love about Bath, what you can’t wait to see reopen, and if you are excited to rediscover the city when it comes alive once more? 



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