What questions should you ask when viewing a rental apartment?

What questions should you ask when viewing a rental apartment?

Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2022

What an exciting time to look for a new home, as you view an apartment, it will be easy to get lost in your thoughts about how to turn it into your home.  Many of the questions you need to ask may get forgotten, or you may even be wondering what it is that you should be asking.  So, what questions should you ask when viewing a rental apartment?

What are the bills?

It’s important to understand all the monthly costs before you commit to renting an apartment.  You will be required to pay all the bills related to that apartment, such as utilities, council tax, and insurance.  Your landlord or letting agent will be able to give you a guide to your typical monthly outgoings but remember, when you start your tenancy you are free to consider switching to take advantage of better deals.  Make sure you check whether you are eligible to pay anything towards service charges, too.

Who do I contact?

We hope that your tenancy is incident free, but over time you may require a repair or two.  Therefore, you need to know who to contact, whether that be a letting agent such as ourselves, or whether the landlord will be taking charge of any maintenance.

Can I paint?

You will tend to find that the majority of the apartments we manage are all decorated neutrally, but you may wish to decorate a room to suit your taste and style.  The decision on whether or not this is possible is always down to the landlord, but remember you will need to return the room back to the colour it was when your tenancy started.

Do you allow pets?

As a nation of animal lovers it’s not surprising that the number of tenants looking for an apartment that allows pets is increasing.  Again, this decision is down to the landlord, but there are things you can do to help your chances.  If you have rented a property before that has allowed you to have a pet, ask for a reference from the landlord or letting agent. 

Where are the nearest amenities?

You home needs to work for you in various ways; it needs to provide what you need for work, rest and play.  What surrounds you will impact on your lifestyle, so get an understanding of the local amenities when you are viewing.  Your walk to the train station may be longer, but what the area offers could be worth the compromise.

When viewing an apartment with The Apartment Company, we will do everything we can to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.  There are no silly questions when it comes to finding your next home, but make a list of everything you want to know beforehand so nothing gets forgotten. If you’re looking for a new rental apartment, give our lettings team a call – we could have exactly what you seek.



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