The spooky decisions that are frightening tenants away

The spooky decisions that are frightening tenants away

Posted on Thursday, October 14, 2021

Along our streets lined with Georgian facades and grand and distinctive architecture is hiding something ghoulish this Halloween.  Tenants who are seeking a property to rent are being scared away by the spine-chilling actions of some landlords.  The demand for high-quality rentals in Bath is high at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that tenants will accept a creepy dwelling.  Therefore it is important that you keep a wickedly critical eye on the details, so any potential tenants will be screaming with delight!

Hair-raising welcome

Grey and misty skies fill our days; with the nights getting darker earlier and earlier, things can quickly turn eerie.  When someone is looking for a new home they don’t want to be met with the hauntingly unwelcoming sight of a darkened apartment that sends shivers down their spine due to the temperature inside.  Give prospective tenants the welcome they seek; ensure that lights and lamps are on and that any communal areas are lit too.  Melt their frostiness by warming up the apartment before a viewing, if it feels cosy for a viewing it will help them to feel at home.  

Dust away the cobwebs

Your apartment may have been empty for a while or just become vacant; either way, you don’t want tenants to be repulsed by what they find.  Wash away blood-curdling sights and give your apartment a deep clean and tidy to banish the ghosts of the past.

Ominous E

We are still coming across landlords who are unaware of the changes regarding EPC ratings.  You can only let an apartment with an EPC rating of E or above, or you could incur deadly fines.  That being said, what tenants want to spend the chilly winter months in a draughty cold abode, when the landlord of the apartment next door has invested in making it more economical for tenants?

Abominable actions

When someone rents an apartment, they’re not just looking at what your property can provide but also how they will be treated throughout their tenancy.  Savvy tenants will look at reviews, will take note of any abominable actions and decide if the landlord and/or letting agent is worthy of their hard-earned money.  At The Apartment Company, our dedicated lettings team avoid the Spooktacular. We believe in supporting both our landlords and our tenants so they have a wonderful tenancy that they want to shout about for the right reasons.


As many of us will be decorating our homes with hair-raising accessories for October 31st, you need to ensure that your apartment is bewitching.  Expel any strange colour choices and replace with neutral tones that accentuate your apartment’s key features.  Giving tenants a blank canvas onto which they can add their personality through furniture and furnishings will make it more spellbinding and could even persuade them into making it their own.

Trick or treat

How flexible are you with viewings? Are potential tenants met with a tricky situation or a treat?  Our lives are no long fixed with regards to traditional working hours, so you need to be open to granting requests to viewings at different times of the day, and even weekends.  Should you make the situation tricky for them, you could find them giving your apartment a miss to view those of owners who are more amenable. 


Don’t frighten potential tenants away with spooky decisions, come and chat to our lettings team to find out what magic we can offer your rental portfolio this Halloween.      



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