The importance of choose the right estate agent in a buyers’ market

The importance of choose the right estate agent in a buyers’ market

Posted on Sunday, February 28, 2021

Buyers are everywhere – in fact, Rightmove have recently reported they are receiving 45% more visitors than this time last year.  If you are selling your home, it’s a fantastic time – there are fewer properties on the market, and so your home will be getting a lot more attention. Even in this buyers’ market it can be easy to make mistakes, especially if you choose the wrong estate agent to sell your apartment.  Here are just some of the serious issues that could arise if you unwittingly put your property in the wrong hands.

Failing to listen

When you invite estate agents around to value your apartment, you need to take note of whether they listen.  One of the biggest mistakes an agent can make is to make the valuation all about them, seeing it as a kind of a sales pitch, rather than taking the time to listen to you, to understand why you are moving and what your needs are.

If an agent fails to listen, how will they know how best to market your property and provide you with the finest experience?

Wrong advice

There are many decisions to make when selling a property and you need to trust that the agent by your side is giving you the right advice.  Advice not only based on experience but on a greater understanding of the local Bath property market and an expertise in the niche apartment market.  No two sales are the same, but there can be added complexities when selling or buying an apartment.

At The Apartment Company, the last thing we want is for you to lose out financially due to not having advice from an experienced apartment specialist.

No negotiating

One thing we truly pride ourselves on is our negotiation skills. We always say that the asking price is a guide, a starting point from where negotiations can begin.  Our team regularly train to improve their skills in this arena so that we can be confident we have done everything we can to negotiate you the absolute best possible price in the current market.

Not all estate agents place such importance on the negotiation and are happy to have any offer on the table.  In our eyes, this is just not good enough.


Don’t you think we have all become a little more impatient?  In this digital era where we’re used to having everything at our fingertips, we expect a response to an enquiry straight away.  Although automated systems have their place, we prefer to communicate personally. Yes, we may not be quicker than a computer, but we will always respond swiftly and we will be able to help without you needing to choose option 1 or 4. 

When you’re selling your apartment there are many things you will be worrying about, the last thing that should concern you is if your estate agent will return your call or not.

The experience

Just because it’s widely assumed that selling your home should be stressful, doesn’t mean that has to be the reality.  Even if your sale isn’t straightforward, a good estate agent will have your back and manage any issues before you even knew there was a problem.  We believe that you can enjoy moving home, but then we know the difference in the service we provide at The Apartment Company.

When you decide to sell your apartment, make sure you place your trust in an estate agent who will always listen, provide niche market advice, rigorously negotiate, always communicate, and provide you with a positive moving home story you can share for years to come.




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