Strange New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world

Strange New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world

Posted on Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The clock is ticking and you may have had your New Year’s Eve in Bath planned weeks in advance. As the night approaches, we know some of you will have customs that have been passed down through generations of your family.  Some traditions may be new, ones that you and your friends have adopted in recent years, but, normal or weird, how do they compare to these strange New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world?

All about colour in Mexico

When you’re off on your night out around our wonderful city, how much thought have you put into the colour of your underwear?  In some Latin American countries such as Mexico, the kind of year you will have is determined by the colour of your undies!  Unsurprisingly, red will bring romance and love; green represents well-being and nature; wealth and success can be achieved by wearing yellow; and white will bring you harmony and peace.

Dance the spirits away

Rural areas of Romania are steeped in tradition and part of their New Year’s Eve celebrations include death and rebirth ceremonies.  Dancing from house to house, people depict bears, horses and goats dressed up in wooden masks and furs to ward off evil spirits.

A dozen grapes

If you’re up for a challenge then Spain’s New Year’s Eve tradition is for you.  The Spanish celebrate the chimes of the bells at midnight, by eating one grape for every strike of the bell.  How would you eat them?  It is suggested that you eat the grapes in two halves and follow them down with a glass of bubbly – sounds like a fantastic tradition to us.

Pucker up!

Now we head over to the country known for romance and, in particular, Piazza San Marco in Venice.  On New Year’s Eve tens and thousands of residents and tourists come together for ‘a kiss in Venice’, a firework and light show.  It’s an evening all about love to welcome the New Year with your loved ones.

Flames for the future

By setting a fire to paper-filled scarecrows at midnight on New Year’s Eve, Ecuadorians believe it will erase the all those bad things, or luck that the past year has brought.  This also extends to burning photographs that document those memories we may wish to forget.

Nothing but round

If you’re looking forward to a prosperous New Year then take a leap out of the Philippines’ book, as cash is what it’s all about for them.  In hopes that the forthcoming year will be a wealthy one, everything must be round to present coins and wealth – the Filipinos will feature as many round things as possible, round food, round clothes… Will your New Year be a round one?

On the move

Have you been thinking about what plans you wish to make for 2022?  It’s one of the busiest times of year for people deciding to move home in the UK.  Strange as it may seem, part of thousands of people’s tradition is searching for a new home online amidst the season’s activities.  If a move is part of your New Year’s plan, at The Apartment Company we’re here to make your resolutions a reality.



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