How to bring a sense of autumn into your apartment

How to bring a sense of autumn into your apartment

Posted on Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Have you noticed that the temperature has dropped? You may even have needed to put the heating on.  Autumn is a beautiful season, full of warm, rich, breathtaking colours, beautiful sunsets, crunchy leaves and rosy cheeks. With more of us spending more time at home for work and life, we need our homes to not just be a place for comfort but also somewhere for escapism, luxury and relaxation. As you watch the season in all its glory through the window, what better time to bring the outside in, with a sense of autumn in your apartment.

Hang an autumnal wreath

Walking through our city’s streets, have you noticed that there are some gorgeous autumnal wreaths decorating doors. From berries intertwined through rustic branches, apples and delicious reds to pumpkins and oranges, they brighten your entrance and give any visitors a beautiful welcome. Why not let your autumn home style begin at your front door for a seasonal greeting you will enjoy as you pass through every day.

Decorate your fireplace

Many of Bath’s apartments are blessed with striking fireplaces, and that is not restricted to those within a stunning Georgian building. Fireplaces have their own sentiment and are the focal point for any room, yet we only seem to decorate them for Christmas, which seems a real shame.  Why not bewitch your fireplace this autumn with some decorative pumpkins, pine cones, garlands, twinkling twig trees and fairy lights. It’s the perfect way to increase the cosiness of your room and truly bring the outside in.

Welcoming scents

Every season seems to have its own specific aromas, just smelling them can fill your mind with memories of a special place and time. There are many artificial scents on the market, such as diffusers and scented candles, but it is those natural scents that can really add that something extra to our homes. You can make your own scents using woodsy smells of cedar and cloves or seasonal-inspired aromas like apple, cinnamon and pumpkin spice.

Add texture

No autumnal home is complete without a mixture of luxurious textures through throws and blankets; they add, not just style, but also an extra layer or warmth when needed.  There is nothing better than snuggling in front of the fire with a good book or watching a movie, wrapped in a cosy and soft blanket.  You could also add this season’s textile, bouclé, which is made from an incredibly deluxe yet heavy, curly, rough and knotted bouclé yarn.  The word ‘bouclé’ comes from ‘boucler’, a French word meaning to curl. If you want your apartment décor to be on trend then try to get your hands on this fabric and maybe upcycle a pouffe or an old cushion.

Play with patterns

Autumn is a time when traditional patterns resurface, such as tweed, tartan and checks; whether they are in the form of accent cushions, rugs or a chair, they always add warmth and character to a space.  You don’t need to use bold designs and colours, just soft subtle patterns will give the same effect, whatever you choose needs to work with the existing colour palette and design of your room.

Dried flowers chic

Fresh flowers are beautiful all year round, but there has been a surge in introducing dried flower displays into our homes. There is something special about a vase of lovely dried grasses displayed on a table in the autumn.  Choose harvest-inspired bouquets or the on-trend bunny tails, and the good thing about these flowers is that they will last all season and you can use them again next year too.


Bring your apartment to life by bringing the wonders of this season in, with a sense of autumn décor in your home.



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