Are you and your apartment ready for your guests this Christmas?

Are you and your apartment ready for your guests this Christmas?

Posted on Monday, December 6, 2021

Our homes are decorated and we’re getting ready to spend time with friends and family over the next few weeks.  If you’re playing host, it can be stressful having guests, especially over the festive period as we want to ensure every detail is perfect and that fun is had by all.  But with some extra planning you can take away some of the stresses and make it enjoyable for you and your visitors.  Here are our tips for preparing for guests this Christmas.

Sleeping arrangements can sometimes be a challenge – your spare bedroom may be filled with clutter and not looking the most relaxing of spaces.  Take some time to try and quickly refresh and declutter so it’s ready for when your loved ones arrive.  Also think about styling the bedroom with little seasonal touches – we’re not saying you need to add decorations to the room, but maybe a sprig of holly on the bedside table or a red throw over the bed.

Seasonal flourishes are a great addition to any room; vases of seasons blooms, candles, and festive scents are inexpensive and easy details.  If you have guests staying Christmas Eve, adding a stocking at the end of the bed is a heart-warming and joyful gesture.  A great idea if guests are staying for a few days is to take a tip or two from a B&B and place a tray with a kettle, tea, coffee, sugar etc. in their room – this way, you won’t have to keep offering, and they can look after themselves.

Planning is essential when it comes to cooking for large amounts of people, and never refuse any offers of help!  Plan your menus in advance and make sure you pick up the ingredients close to the day of cooking to ensure they’re fresh. Why not have your food delivered to avoid spending hours in the supermarket?  How much can you prepare in advance and freeze?  Give yourself a break and, should something go wrong, just go with it!  Christmas is about spending time with the ones your love, and we guarantee there will be something in your cupboards you can eat.

If your family and friends are helping or just congregating in the kitchen, give them a way to celebrate without getting in your way.  Set up a drinks table or a bar area close by, so they can sip and chat whilst you create.

When it comes to sitting down for dinner or even watching a movie or two, you may require some extra seating.  Don’t overthink this or spend a fortune, it doesn’t matter if the chairs don’t match or are different sizes, your guests won’t mind.  Floor cushions are great for children and teenagers, and you may even be able to borrow a seat or two from a friend or neighbour.

However you’re spending Christmas this year, from everyone at The Apartment Company, we hope it’s a wonderful one.  




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