6 ways your apartment can make you happy

6 ways your apartment can make you happy

Posted on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

In this crazy year our homes have been more than where we live; they have become offices, and may well still be, our gyms, classrooms, playgrounds, pubs and whole social life.  That’s a lot of pressure to put on your property and, although many of us have gone DIY crazy, you may not have had time or could just feel completely uninspired and fed up with your property.  But don’t despair, we have some inexpensive and simple ideas to make your home feel fresh and even stimulating; here are 6 ways your home can make you happy.

1. Zoning

With all the conflicting responsibilities your apartment has, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  As we don’t know what may happen in future months, with regional lockdowns happening in some areas, it is essential that you start to think about zoning your apartment for different activities.  For example, if you’re working from home, is there a corner you can now completely designate as an office rather than working from the kitchen table?  We have heard of some very clever and creative ideas, not only will having a study space help productivity, it will also be a blessing that you have one place for all your work things.  You can ‘split’ rooms and spaces with curtains and screens and even a storage unit can separate spaces.

2. Add some colour

When was the last time you decorated?  This is one of the easiest ways to reinvigorate your apartment, and also help your mood – nothing feels better than a freshly decorated room.  Neutrals will also create a classic look, whereas pops of colour add a more dramatic look.  Greens and blues are very popular at the moment, and apparently are associated with well-being, calm and health.  If you don’t want to add colour to your walls, you can bring in your chosen accent shades into the room through accessories, such as cushions, rugs and even artwork.

3. The big clear out

Now the charity shops are open and online selling sites are become highly active again, it is the ideal time to have that big clear out.  We all have stuff we don’t need, whether that’s on bookshelves, a cupboard, or that scary space under the bed!  Decluttering feels so rewarding, not only will it transform your apartment, mentally it is completely freeing – it may even give you a few pennies in your pocket.  Just don’t try to do it all at once, unless you know you have the time to do so. Our advice would be to just do a little at a time, or a room at a time, this makes the whole process far less stressful. 

4. Scent-sory

One of the most powerful senses we have is smell, so it will be of no surprise that beautiful scents can help to uplift your mood.  Think about choosing different scents to work with each room, you may decide that natural aromas such as flowers and citrus fruits are best for the kitchen, whereas a dash of lavender in your bedroom will help you relax.  You may prefer more artificial scents – you just need to choose whatever works for you.

5. Bringing the outside in

Houseplants are one of the most popular interior accessories and are fantastic for helping to purify the air, aid productivity, and enhance any space.  Each plant has its own benefits, so do some research to choose the right plant or plants for each part of your apartment.

6. Bright light

A home filled with light is one that brings joy with its warmth and hidden smile, rather than arriving home to restricted natural light.  We know that there may be times when you will be considering supressing the light flooding through your windows, such as when you desire a bit of privacy or if the bright beams are shining in your eyes.  It’s worth considering where the light falls in each room when deciding where to place your furniture, this way you can enjoy as much of that delicious sunlight as possible without it impacting on your life or work.

Be happy

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